Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kick In The Pants

What a month!
So I managed to do a whole bunch of tatting, some crochet, and some knitting. I listed a good handful of items on Etsy and shipped out a few orders.

Then I got the flu.

Trying to count stitches when you have the flu is basically impossible I've found. Plus I even though I wash my work and block it, I was loathe to make anything that might be even remotely germy.

This week I finally feel like a human being again, so I'm starting the weekend off with remaking some items that I sold, and attempting to rework some vintage tatting into different designs. Those that have bought my work have given me great feedback, which is good. So often I look at work from other tatters and think "I'll never be that good..."
I needed to hear that I don't suck, and that people love my work.

I like it, but it needs more beads! I have done 2 other versions, and haven't quite made up my mind what I like best. 
I also worked up a set of Dr. Who themed gifts for a swap. Unsurprisingly I've done this exact set 3 times now for swaps, but have yet to make it for myself.
The TARDIS bookmark is Anne Bruvold's, with a bracelet using Jane's Bookmark pattern worked without picots, and simple ANKARS style flower earrings (if the earring pattern belongs to someone I'm unaware of it). All done with Lizbeth thread of course.
I really need to come up with a completely new TARDIS design, I have so many nerdy friends that would love to buy one!