Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Icky week to be sure! I got a couple of my glass pieces listed on Etsy and then the bottom dropped out. Or, I got sick.
I hate nothing more. I truly believe that colds should be abolished. On the upside is that while I was bonded to the couch with ear aches and fits of coughing I managed to learn how to bead a bracelet that I had been wanting to redo for about 6 months. So now I can make a few more from the nifty coral beads that have been laying around for years waiting for a use.

But, on to the challenge!
This is totally inspired by one of my man-heroes, so I'll have to give props to The Captain on this.
I posted a quickie of this on FB, but I need more. (more more more) So here is the drill. I need your favorite funny/gory movies. Anything that has ever made you cringe and laugh within 5 minutes of each other is appropriate.
Here is the only thing, I don’t need to be told about Shaun of the Dead, ZombieLand, Black Sheep, or Dead & Breakfast.
I can’t tell you what I am going to do with all of this because I have a project curse (if I talk too much about it, it never seems to get done), but I can tell you that there will be presents!

Yup. presents.

If you manage to suggest something that I haven’t seen, and that makes me cringe and nearly piss myself laughing I will give you a present. Also, if you suggest something that is so out there that I feel that everyone in the world should be inflicted with its gory humor, I will give you a present. Or, if you find something hysterically funny that causes me to wonder if perhaps we are kindred, you will get a present. (I did after all almost get kicked out of the theater while laughing at Devil’s Rejects.)

There is no fixed deadline on this for now, mostly because of the lack of visible followers (hint hint), but eventually I will have to start the project. For now I’ll just give it till the Christmas and see how it goes.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Art Glass and other stuff

I finally got the final touches done on my art glass pendants and hangings. Things have been pretty productive lately. I have 10 or so pieces done, or nearly done, so just as soon as I figure out prices I'll be listing them on Etsy. I also have one art doll 99% done, she is a cute little asylum girl in a hand sewn straight jacket with a tattered dirty party dress and fuzzy slippers. Actually she appears to be rather dead.. but she still needs a loving home. All she really needs is a coat of sealant and to be photographed. Hopefully I can get to that today. The second asylum girl is coming along nicely, she is a little more morbid then the first girl, but I think that might only be because of the sickly sweetness of her. So once I figure out what in the world is wrong with flickr, I'll have some photos up here of the process of making the art glass.