Sunday, August 30, 2009

just have to say

The one and only, so far, reason that I hate-and will not watch- the movie Bruno is this: Do you have any idea how hard is is to research Giordano Bruno's observations on memory without finding some stupid movie reference is right now?

Let me just give you a little sum-up on the two; ok so the one, because I never really did have an interest in the movie. So far I have figured out that the movie is done by  the same moron that made Borat, and has sparked huge debate in the LGBT community as a (moron) depicting gays in such a stereotypical way that has gone so far beyond satire to… shall I say… not even be remotely funny.

Giordano Bruno is (was) a master of memory. This Bruno was born in 1548, he was a priest, he studied not only memory but also astronomy and astrology, and even presented his “art of memory” theories to Pope Pius V.

This is so not the same dude that walks around in shiny gold shorts.

Yes I am having issues right now. No, I am not going to get over it.
I’m just going to build a little house and put up a little statue of an asshole, and that will be my memory of Ali G.

Right, so now that you are wondering, if you are, I will tell you a tiny bit about the art of memory according to Bruno.
The theory is this, if you want to remember something, put it in a safe place. Build a house, a mansion, a church, and fill it with symbols. Each symbol/statue/painting/piece of furniture is linked to a memory; when you want to recall that memory you simply go into your house, find the appropriate symbol and your memory will be there waiting for you.

Oddly enough, this works.

How many times have you tried to remember something important and used an acronym, or a song? How many times have you suddenly remembered a day more clearly then you would have thought possible because of a smell?
It is all the same really.

The older guy on table 3 with the sticky-up hair is getting the walnut salad and the salmon. (cockatoo on table 3= bird-head eats nuts and fish)
The old woman with the pink track-suit likes non-caff lattes. (jumping-pink jelly bean on a shelf= people in pink don’t need caffeine.)

Bruno went beyond this of course, but the idea is the same. As far as astronomy, Bruno went way beyond conventional church ideas to say that the earth was in orbit around the sun, and not that the sun revolved around earth. On the other hand, his idea’s on astrology went to say that each heavenly body could be gifted with an affection(or recalled in idea). Each body was given seven images, from simple to complex, each in accordance with the second symbol it is in relation to.

So if you know astrology, this might make sense. It does, and it doesn’t to me, which is why I am so not happy with Ali G. right now.

So yeah, bite me Bruno.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wild Thing

Dude. I totally need to make these. If these aren’t some of the coolest damn cupcakes I’ve ever seen then, well I don’t know what, but, yeah.

Link via

Feed Me Seymour!

So I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do zombies or brains today. I went with brains because there is a lot less that I thought was wicked cool. And there is a *lot* of cool brain stuff on Etsy, but how many times can you plug soap that was popped out of a brain mold? huh? Well if I wanted to I could probably give you 15 Etsy shops that have that. I went with the glow in the dark soap... Yes I will admit that if i had found glitter-brain soap I would have gone with that instead.

Glow in the dark soap by White Flag Designs
Bloody brain pendant by Lips Tattoo
Exposed brain fleece hat by Akitsu
Brain bobby pins by RatBoy
Brain earrings by Your Organ Grinder
Brain cufflinks by Voodoo King Designs
So in theory, and there always is one, I will do a “Zombie goods of Etsy Land” dump soon. Maybe even two.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Step up

So it seems most of us have them, old shoes. They sit in closets, or get hauled off to junk sales or second hand stores.  These Etsy sellers went another route.


Handmade Birdhouse by PittyPats Porch
Shoe Purse by Junquete
Stiletto cacti planter by Giddy Spinster
Recycled foot stool by Junkyard Gypsy
recycled cowboy boot purse by Gimi Kimi
Tap shoe necklace by Contrary


just testing to see if I can get live writer to work. ignore the mess.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

cuz you know you want one..

Yup. Thats right. Plastic straw birds. Also shrimp!

Wicked Creepy

Found this over at Switchblade Comb. I think it would have to be one of the weirdest, creepiest, and at the same time slightly funny vids I have ever seen.

Not only does this little reel sport blood-balloon fights, but also a macabre Slip N’ Slide, and such gleefully sociopathic expressions on one actors face, that I almost dare to wonder if the dude has some serious issues… really. And what is the best part about this? The fact that the song is such a catchy-pop-tune that it can’t help but make the images all the more disturbing. Also… I love his little dance.

Iceland dude… I’m telling ya, those guys are weird.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Write..

To Write Love on her arms. (TWLOHA) Yes it is a site, yes I am an active donator. Why? Because I have been there in some form, I don’t think that it is an amusing emo activity, and I don't think that it is something that just “goes away once you are happy”
Check it. Cutting isn’t some Goth/Emo kid trying to get attention. It is a serious psychological problem, and it doesn’t just go away.
So why of all the activist sites out there to I support this one? It’s in their vision statement: "Beyond treatment, we believe that community is essential, that people need other people, that we were never meant to do life alone." and "The vision is hope, and hope is real.You are not alone, and this is not the end of your story."

That right there is why I refuse to give up on the idea of helping one person, one single person, find a reason to not break the skin one last time.
Beyond treatment, it is about the community we all live in. It is about the community that we all strive to belong to. Not all of us grew up with white picket fences and best friends that we went through grade school-high school- and college- and after, with. There are far too many people that feel so alone in their silence that the only way to cope is through more silence. Therapy is not an option for this. Medication is not an option for this. The feeling of NOT being so alone, that is an option that we all can provide. That is the one thing that takes no effort, no time, no sacrifice, but the letting go of our own ego and acknowledge that the person we see doing this to them-selves is a part of our community, and a part of our lives. It’s easy to crack jokes, it is easy to ignore. It is far harder, and yet far simpler, to just show simple love, to just show simple concern, and sometimes.. that is really all it takes.

Why is it that when we see a family member or friend that is an alcoholic or drug abuser that we find some way to seek treatment for them, and we do not when we see people self injure? Is there really that much more shame in seeing scars?

I have to wonder sometimes where, as a culture our priorities really lay. Is it in how we wish others to perceive us, or in how we wish to perceive ourselves? Is it how we provide hope for others, or in how we feel we have provided hope for the sicknesses we can understand?

Friday, August 21, 2009

appropriate and funny..

yes. That is right. An entire wiki-how article. "How not to fall down stairs."
Just remember kids, hold on to that railing for dear life, and be aware of what is around you, else you might just end up a gimp like me!

Sheesh. If only I had read this yesterday.

A leg up from Etsy

It is true, as much as we all hate to admit it, colder weather is on the way. Honestly I wouldn't know it by the ultra hot and humid weather we are having, but it is in fact coming.
So what is one of the few good things about cold weather for those of us who don't enjoy outdoor sports? Why stockings of course!

Scrunchie Stockings by DimensionalVision
Thigh High's would be Jealous Condom Case by SewOnlyYouKnow (how awesomely sexy would these be tucked into the band?
Hand Crocheted Fishnets by GlorybyJeannieLee
Op Dot Stockings by V.L.E.
Sexy octopus tattoo thigh-highs by Tattoo Socks (post)
Slow Poison stockings by IWillFly
Gold metallic thigh high stockings-spandex by Toxic Vision
Stocking print by Charlene Chua (for those who would prefer to look at stockings instead of wearing them)


Right, so I was going to head off for the night, but this caught my attention and I just had to share. (See? Thats just how this bloggy is gonna roll.)

I love The Frisky, I can always find something to amuse me... tonight?
Well it would be 21 things your boobs are good for. They aint just for suckling, though that is grand. And all of us love to be able to throw a wad of cash in our (your?) cleavage, but what about a "hands free coaster?" She suggests a champagne glass, but I think a pint glass is waayy better.
But then... some how that lead me to the Mario Sex Tape via College Humor.
And to give a grand (tottally random) finale...a pretty pumpkin from
Isnt he just the cutest????

Where to start?

Maybe a disclaimer would be best.
First, if you follow this blog expect to get a huge amount of activity from me... and then days with nothing.
Second,  don't expect any of this to follow any logical formatting, or order. Most of what I post here will be something that I have found online, and that could be anything from a gaming reference, to an awesome photo, or a kick ass pattern/crafty thing, or a quote that I think is fitting, to a thesis on fractals.
Third, this blog just might be full of shameless plugs for products that I either think are wicked cool, or that people should at least know about.
So, I think for my first post I will do a cool thing. One that I have been staring at for the last 15 minutes while trying to figure out what to start with.
Rustoleum makes awesome magnetic paint (not actually magnetic, but it contains enough metals that most magnets will stick like latex to a gimp), so I was finally able to throw most of my magnets up.

But of all the little images I have up there, what is the one that I keep staring at?

Yeah, I love Bust Magazine for magnets, not just the nifty articles.