Thursday, November 19, 2009

Art Glass and other stuff

I finally got the final touches done on my art glass pendants and hangings. Things have been pretty productive lately. I have 10 or so pieces done, or nearly done, so just as soon as I figure out prices I'll be listing them on Etsy. I also have one art doll 99% done, she is a cute little asylum girl in a hand sewn straight jacket with a tattered dirty party dress and fuzzy slippers. Actually she appears to be rather dead.. but she still needs a loving home. All she really needs is a coat of sealant and to be photographed. Hopefully I can get to that today. The second asylum girl is coming along nicely, she is a little more morbid then the first girl, but I think that might only be because of the sickly sweetness of her. So once I figure out what in the world is wrong with flickr, I'll have some photos up here of the process of making the art glass.

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