Thursday, January 7, 2010

S&M Crafting

Yep, I’ve done it. No, I’m not talking about whips and chains and gags (alright, yeah I’ve made those, and an eye patch too). I’m talking about crafting that is so painful to do that it feels so damn good when you get it done that you… well. ehh.. yeah.. you know.

So that is my latest commission. Why do I say this? Because after all my trials at crocheting or knitting wire, around glass, or even cassette or VCR tape, I have never honestly tried tatting fishing line. By the way, for those that have not tried knitting the afore mentioned tape, don't. Don’t do it unless you have ears made of steal! Seriously! That sound of “Screeeeeee, screee scree screeeeeeeeee” even sends my cat into orbits so great that no amount of coaxing with cat-nip will draw him back into the house.
for days.
(hint to those whishing to take photos of their awesome craftiness with cats un-present.)
For fishing line, I know I can do it (I made a small rosette) but I have never tried the full deal. Now I have to. Now I get to see if my fingers can take it. Oh, the sweet pain of success!

Oh god.
what the hell have I just gotten myself into?
And what comes next?

Though, if I can do this.. then…
Bring It!!!

So as I commented in response to the loverly TotusMel on my last post, I decided against the TIAS idea. I basically came to the conclusion that people will give me crap no matter what I do. I can argue about it, fight it, so on and so forth, but it will never ultimately change their opinion. (as I have experienced in 90% of all my other untraditional art) I have far better ways to spend my time. Such as.. the afore mentioned hats!
Somehow I managed to convince my loverly and beautiful cousins and aunt to model their hats for me (as they are the only owners of the “slouchy” un-slouchy hats that I came up with {ie they are supposed to be slouch hats, but worked out as more of a skull cap which is much more fitting for VT weather, you can blame that on my “fuck the mainstream” crafty/artyness}) and I should have a few of them worked up to sell this week. Considering that I am one of the unlucky few in the world that have no hatatitude, it would be very good for me to have beautiful models. Fortunately my family is 99% beautiful and they all look good in hats! The great part about them (the hats, not the fam) is that they work perfectly in the “super saver” Red Heart yarn that my local crafty shop sells. (or, unless I want to spend a 20 spot or more on a hank of hand spun yarn this is what I get)

Finally. I have to ask, is no better time in the world to be working on crafty goodness then while listening to Emilie Autumn?
As a side note (not really)… for x-mess next year, speaking of Ms. Autumn… anyone who wishes to prove their love for me will buy me this!!!


and YES I welcome multiple copies.

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