Saturday, January 2, 2010

Give to mee!

So I’m starting to become a bit of a sucker for giveaways. I almost never win (The awesomeness of Dark Candles being the exception), but I still keep entering the damn things. Today’s is from Pineapple Mint.

She sells wicked cool vintage clothing in her Etsy shop, though I have to say that most of the things that I love love love are way too small.
Like these:
I mean really, how can you not love day-glow yellow vintage pumps??? But, they are a 6, and my feet are decidedly not.

In other news…. We are supposed to get a shit-ton of snow. Yes, that is a proper measurement. Its between a ton, and a fuck-load. So instead of bitching about living up in Vermont where everything turns white and bitter, I’m going to be working on a skully scarf for my dear friend, bestest bud, all around awesomely creepy guy Michael who will be having is birthday soon.  He does wicked awesome art, which he has up on Cafe Press, which more people should own. You can find his shop here. I’m still trying to convince him to branch out and sell on Etsy or Artfire, but no luck yet… (yes, that is a hint spooklings)

I hope everyone had a fun, and not too terribly eventful New Year, and that everyone got what they wanted for X-Mess!

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