Friday, December 18, 2009


You have one. I know you do. Everyone does.
It could be a drawer, it could be a box, it could be a cabinet.. but everyone has at least one place that they throw all those odd bits and pieces that they don’t know what to do with, but want to save.

Yeah, I have a few of them.

One is a giant box that I throw beads into. See, I have this habit of collecting old necklaces, bracelets, or clothing that has some funky bead on it, and then pulling the beads off and throwing them in the box for later use.
The thing is a gold mine…
IF you have the bravery to stick your hand in it.
Which I did.


Well now I’m bleeding.
Apparently at some point I threw in a bunch of small round mirrors. They broke.
I also apparently at some point, of base stupidity, threw in a handful of thumbtacks.
Add to that the various bits of wire and metal findings that are lost in there, and my hands now look like they were attacked by a rabid badger.

But I did find the shiny silver filigree bead that I had braved the box in search of!

Here, I’ll show you what I needed it for:

fan (3)

Its hard to tell, but its a big ol ostrich feather fan. It has much in the way of fluffiness, but it requires some sparkle to be complete.
Now, if I can just find what I did with those black sequins……

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