Friday, December 4, 2009


so after about a year of working with needle tatting, and enjoying it but being very frustrated because I can’t tat super large or onto wire the way that I wanted to…. I finally figured out shuttle tatting.

This means I can now use leather cord or tat onto wire to make awesome 3d goodies!

We (my super crafty mother and I) also invested in supplies for cards, that being cards, envelopes, plastic sleeves, and quality printer ink. Next came the tedious task of scanning everything that I thought would make a great card. Old artwork, cool old vintage family photographs, that kind of thing.
I believe that she wants to sell them only locally, and it seems to be taking some convincing to get her to think a little more broad, but hopefully she will go with the idea of putting them on Etsy as well as selling them at North of the Falls, which is a cool little shop here in Bradford.
The thing is, i like the store. I love the fact that i can go in there, check out pottery, jewelry, art, and then walk into the back half to find nifty yarn. I know, most people have a cool little lys that they love, and while I don’t love her selection, or her prices, I do love that she is so very willing to order (and spend half an hour looking for) just about anything I am craving. As far as the front half of the shop, I like that they are willing to give space to just about any local artist.. I don't like that they charge 40% commission on everything. The idea of marking everything up by that much just to get what I need out of the sale bothers me. I cant fathom selling a card for more then $10.00 just so I can get enough to cover the cost and split the dollar or so of profit. I mean, they are cool, wicked cool even… but not that cool. Well… maybe they are, but I figure that if I wouldn’t spend that much on them not many other people would either and the whole point is to sell the item, not have it so over priced that no one will buy it. I don’t really understand how they can get away with charging gallery scale commission in such a small store, but I guess that is their deal.

At any rate, enough bitching. It is good that I am coming up with more things that I can sell, and I should stop bitching.


  1. WOOOOOH, HOOOOOO, you're a shuttle tatter at last!!!! Did you know that needle 'tatting' was only invented in the 70's? Welcome to real traditional tatting. I hope you get to sell too. Where I live in the UK they put a mark up (in shops) of 100% - go figure!!! LOVE your logic too. I've seen so many overpriced and underpriced crafts that I'm now confused as to what is the 'right' price!!!!

  2. HA! now if I can just figure out that crazy flip that I managed to do twice this morning I'll be all set!
    I love needle tatting because I dont have to watch what I am doing, which I'm sure will be the case with shuttles once I get more practice, but it is a bit challenging sometimes to try to convert shuttle patterns for needle...