Monday, December 14, 2009

There goes the neighborhood

Used to be a quiet little place. All us song birds had a grand old time in our condos. Then, who moves into the neighborhood but three mangy imps!


They aren’t here for one day, and suddenly. squawk-BAM! The house has turned all kinds of shades of grey, there are weird white rings around everything, the pretty moss is half dead, and every inch is over run with cobwebs! Squawk!!


And around the back, squawk, I almost cant bring myself to say it.  “Jimy Ets Bugurs”


And what are all these bloody paw prints? Squawk- What?!?!?!



So all bird jokes aside, this was a hell of a lot of fun! I knew I wanted to repaint the super cute “Love Shack” but had no idea how until I slapped a coat of paint on the top of the chimney. See that weird heart? Yeah, its actually what the rings looked like. Inspiration galore!
I have the three little imps, made out of paper clay, drying right now. I’m still debating if they are going to have glow in the dark mouths and eyes, but they are definitely sufficiently dorky and weird.
Also, unfortunately you cant read the “Jimy ets bugurs” along the bottom of the back side, but it also says “Do not” and “do to” and “do not!” and “do toooooo!” and finally “SHUT IT!”

Next project?

It has something to do with a London bus toy… that’s all I’m sayin.


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  2. I am loving your blog! You're my partner for Shadowmanor's Secret Santa can Suck it and I love that the post I wandered in on is so freakin awesome! Somewhere on my blog (not too far back cuz I've been a bad blogger lately) there's a dollar store Christmas church that has been *ahem* repurposed in a similar fashion. At least if by similar you understand that its like Charles Schultz (me) is similar to Michaelangelo (you).... I love your bird house!

  3. lmao. thats awesome. I swear I almost just fell over with the Michaelangelo statement!