Thursday, December 17, 2009

To the Queen of Frogs

I signed up for the “Secret Santa Can Suck It” gift swap over at the Art of Darkness blog. While I really want to tell you what I got… giving is more important then receiving.. so.. My task was to find a gift for The Frog Queen, who I have been following for some time now.

I decided to go all out this year, so here is my gift (s) to you:

an army of minions for you to use in all your spooky needs. shaun-of-the-dead-zombies-small
as you can see, they are already super excited to help!

Your very own spider killing machine
She is hard core man. Harrrrd core! From the littlest wolf spider, to giant tarantulas, she will stomp them (or shoo them outside if you prefer) with all the righteous indignation of… well as much as anyone could while wearing that… She comes highly recommended though. I swear.

actually, its not for you.
Sorry. I mean, you can play with em if you want, but…
Plus! They are packaged in a big cardboard box with tons of paper inside. Which, if your spook kitties are anything like mine, they will have more fun with then the mice themselves… err. yeah.


So… what did I get?

Just my very own Repo Man. Squeee!
You can check it out here: Hellesbelles


  1. LOL!!! A spider killer? Really, how very thoughtful (wipes tear away) that has to be the sweetest thing anyone has ever given me :D

    And I do need minions, do I ever, and that is a nice batch too!!

    But I think the kitties are going to be the happiest....a box and wrapping...yeah, kitty heaven.

    Thanks...I feel so loved.

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Omigosh, best ever for Frog Queen - what a good job on the gift giving!!! :D