Sunday, August 30, 2009

just have to say

The one and only, so far, reason that I hate-and will not watch- the movie Bruno is this: Do you have any idea how hard is is to research Giordano Bruno's observations on memory without finding some stupid movie reference is right now?

Let me just give you a little sum-up on the two; ok so the one, because I never really did have an interest in the movie. So far I have figured out that the movie is done by  the same moron that made Borat, and has sparked huge debate in the LGBT community as a (moron) depicting gays in such a stereotypical way that has gone so far beyond satire to… shall I say… not even be remotely funny.

Giordano Bruno is (was) a master of memory. This Bruno was born in 1548, he was a priest, he studied not only memory but also astronomy and astrology, and even presented his “art of memory” theories to Pope Pius V.

This is so not the same dude that walks around in shiny gold shorts.

Yes I am having issues right now. No, I am not going to get over it.
I’m just going to build a little house and put up a little statue of an asshole, and that will be my memory of Ali G.

Right, so now that you are wondering, if you are, I will tell you a tiny bit about the art of memory according to Bruno.
The theory is this, if you want to remember something, put it in a safe place. Build a house, a mansion, a church, and fill it with symbols. Each symbol/statue/painting/piece of furniture is linked to a memory; when you want to recall that memory you simply go into your house, find the appropriate symbol and your memory will be there waiting for you.

Oddly enough, this works.

How many times have you tried to remember something important and used an acronym, or a song? How many times have you suddenly remembered a day more clearly then you would have thought possible because of a smell?
It is all the same really.

The older guy on table 3 with the sticky-up hair is getting the walnut salad and the salmon. (cockatoo on table 3= bird-head eats nuts and fish)
The old woman with the pink track-suit likes non-caff lattes. (jumping-pink jelly bean on a shelf= people in pink don’t need caffeine.)

Bruno went beyond this of course, but the idea is the same. As far as astronomy, Bruno went way beyond conventional church ideas to say that the earth was in orbit around the sun, and not that the sun revolved around earth. On the other hand, his idea’s on astrology went to say that each heavenly body could be gifted with an affection(or recalled in idea). Each body was given seven images, from simple to complex, each in accordance with the second symbol it is in relation to.

So if you know astrology, this might make sense. It does, and it doesn’t to me, which is why I am so not happy with Ali G. right now.

So yeah, bite me Bruno.

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