Friday, August 21, 2009

A leg up from Etsy

It is true, as much as we all hate to admit it, colder weather is on the way. Honestly I wouldn't know it by the ultra hot and humid weather we are having, but it is in fact coming.
So what is one of the few good things about cold weather for those of us who don't enjoy outdoor sports? Why stockings of course!

Scrunchie Stockings by DimensionalVision
Thigh High's would be Jealous Condom Case by SewOnlyYouKnow (how awesomely sexy would these be tucked into the band?
Hand Crocheted Fishnets by GlorybyJeannieLee
Op Dot Stockings by V.L.E.
Sexy octopus tattoo thigh-highs by Tattoo Socks (post)
Slow Poison stockings by IWillFly
Gold metallic thigh high stockings-spandex by Toxic Vision
Stocking print by Charlene Chua (for those who would prefer to look at stockings instead of wearing them)

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