Friday, August 21, 2009


Right, so I was going to head off for the night, but this caught my attention and I just had to share. (See? Thats just how this bloggy is gonna roll.)

I love The Frisky, I can always find something to amuse me... tonight?
Well it would be 21 things your boobs are good for. They aint just for suckling, though that is grand. And all of us love to be able to throw a wad of cash in our (your?) cleavage, but what about a "hands free coaster?" She suggests a champagne glass, but I think a pint glass is waayy better.
But then... some how that lead me to the Mario Sex Tape via College Humor.
And to give a grand (tottally random) finale...a pretty pumpkin from
Isnt he just the cutest????

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