Friday, August 28, 2009

Feed Me Seymour!

So I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do zombies or brains today. I went with brains because there is a lot less that I thought was wicked cool. And there is a *lot* of cool brain stuff on Etsy, but how many times can you plug soap that was popped out of a brain mold? huh? Well if I wanted to I could probably give you 15 Etsy shops that have that. I went with the glow in the dark soap... Yes I will admit that if i had found glitter-brain soap I would have gone with that instead.

Glow in the dark soap by White Flag Designs
Bloody brain pendant by Lips Tattoo
Exposed brain fleece hat by Akitsu
Brain bobby pins by RatBoy
Brain earrings by Your Organ Grinder
Brain cufflinks by Voodoo King Designs
So in theory, and there always is one, I will do a “Zombie goods of Etsy Land” dump soon. Maybe even two.

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