Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Write..

To Write Love on her arms. (TWLOHA) Yes it is a site, yes I am an active donator. Why? Because I have been there in some form, I don’t think that it is an amusing emo activity, and I don't think that it is something that just “goes away once you are happy”
Check it. Cutting isn’t some Goth/Emo kid trying to get attention. It is a serious psychological problem, and it doesn’t just go away.
So why of all the activist sites out there to I support this one? It’s in their vision statement: "Beyond treatment, we believe that community is essential, that people need other people, that we were never meant to do life alone." and "The vision is hope, and hope is real.You are not alone, and this is not the end of your story."

That right there is why I refuse to give up on the idea of helping one person, one single person, find a reason to not break the skin one last time.
Beyond treatment, it is about the community we all live in. It is about the community that we all strive to belong to. Not all of us grew up with white picket fences and best friends that we went through grade school-high school- and college- and after, with. There are far too many people that feel so alone in their silence that the only way to cope is through more silence. Therapy is not an option for this. Medication is not an option for this. The feeling of NOT being so alone, that is an option that we all can provide. That is the one thing that takes no effort, no time, no sacrifice, but the letting go of our own ego and acknowledge that the person we see doing this to them-selves is a part of our community, and a part of our lives. It’s easy to crack jokes, it is easy to ignore. It is far harder, and yet far simpler, to just show simple love, to just show simple concern, and sometimes.. that is really all it takes.

Why is it that when we see a family member or friend that is an alcoholic or drug abuser that we find some way to seek treatment for them, and we do not when we see people self injure? Is there really that much more shame in seeing scars?

I have to wonder sometimes where, as a culture our priorities really lay. Is it in how we wish others to perceive us, or in how we wish to perceive ourselves? Is it how we provide hope for others, or in how we feel we have provided hope for the sicknesses we can understand?

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